Distributed in New York and New Jersey
Times of economic uncertainty make everyone in business more careful about expenditures, more reluctant to spend on advertising and more active in seeking out the best ways to promote their business. Partnering with Home360, you will experience for yourself how it can help bring your advertising budget in line with a real return on investment.
Why are ads in our magazine so effective?
Because Home360 has some unique strong points:

1. A strong readership

The publication has a very high monthly circulation for the regional market: 25,000 copies per issue. Using standard estimates of readers per copy for magazines and including distribution of the electronic version to subscribers, architects and designers in New York and New Jersey, readership already exceeds 250,000. But even these figures are too low: the electronic version of Home360 is now available for FREE download on the App Store (Apple), making the magazine accessible to all iPad and iPhone users, so the real readership is several times higher.

2. Real contact with a wide public

Statistically, 65% of publications on sale at stores go unsold. Home360, with its high graphic quality and rich information content, is distributed free of charge. That means the entire run of an issue gradually "settles" over the course of 4-6 weeks and ends up in homes and apartments.

3. Well planned and regulated distribution

Our print magazine delivery list includes about 300 free distribution points, which we choose based on special criteria. We are interested in areas where there is active building, where private homes and condominiums predominate, and where incomes are above average. Among the distribution points for our publication are major supermarket and pharmacy chains, large medical offices, auto stores, restaurants, beauty salons and spas with a large turnover, hotel lobbies, and all the businesses that advertise in our magazine. At major shopping centers, repeat deliveries are made as stands run out of copies.

4. Real access to the target audience

Because of its clear positioning (Home360-the expert in contemporary home improvement) and the range of related products, anyone who has seen our magazine even once will know exactly where to find, FOR FREE, a maximum of needed information on remodeling, interior design, and technology for the home. So each new issue widens the target audience. But that's not all. Our website (www.home360magazine.com) always has the electronic version of the latest issue on line, and those who really need it can browse through Home360 cover to cover on the web. Interested readers can quickly and easily sign up for FREE regular online delivery of the electronic version.

5. High demand for advertising

Most publications on the local market are eclectic ("something for everyone") and aimed at an audience that reads for entertainment. These readers are interested in juicy stories, scandal, celebrity gossip, horoscopes, crosswords, etc, and see advertising as a distraction that gets in the way of their reading. But in a specialized magazine, read by an active user, ads elicit quite a different reaction. To potential consumers, information on where to find furniture, kitchen appliances, doors, windows, and so on, is seen as a logical extension of the magazine's articles, a way of "continuing the conversation" started there. People are interested in the ads, look for them and react to them. For convenience the magazine have a directory that lists all our advertisers by business category. Businesses that take out an ad in the print magazine automatically have a link from their page in www.home360magazine.com to their own websites.

6. Effective presentation of products and services

Its original concept, high quality color printing on good paper, and highly professional graphic design give the magazine visual appeal, and the ads an eye-catching, impressive look.

7. Longevity in the home

A mass of practically oriented, specialized information, copious illustrations, ads that offer a real selection of products and services, and convenient listings that make it easy to find out who is offering what-all this guarantees that the magazine will stay in the home a long time, extending the life of the ads in its pages.

8. Responsiveness to the needs of advertisers

The variety of ad types we offer (straight graphic ads, advertorials, interviews, product guides, interior design presentations, etc) lets you choose the best tools for the real needs of your business, give people a better idea of it, and make readers want to obtain a specific product or use a specific service.

9. Real savings in your budget

Rates for advertising in Home360, considering its quality and large effective circulation, are the lowest to be found. You will see this for yourself if you investigate the cost of advertising in other local publications of similar graphic quality and comparable, or even lower circulation, and unlike Home360, none of these are free publications. (Those willing to do the spadework can glance through the rates and media kits by Googling "local magazines.")

10. Sensible discounts, special deals, and promotions

Like any other publication, our magazine offers discounts by volume (number of ad pages) and length of run. In addition, everyone who advertises with us gets a free listing in the magazine, with a link to the advertiser's site from the magazine website; free ad design; free help writing advertorials; and free announcement of your business's new products in the "Novelties Parade" feature. All this plus regular distribution of the full web version of the magazine to our thousands-strong proprietary database of Internet addresses (architects, interior designers, businesses, medical and lawyer's offices, home owners, and so on), which is constantly growing by new additions, and its availability on the App Store (Apple), letting iPad and iPhone owners download the electronic version of Home360 free to their devices, which gives your business a powerful opportunity to promote itself at no additional cost.
From our sixteen years in publishing business, we can tell you this: an ad that runs three times in our magazine will "penetrate" the market, and your business will start getting responses not just to ads in the latest issue, but to those in issues that have been lying around peoples' houses, waiting to "work" on them at the right moment. But the effectiveness of advertising in Home360 is attested to above all by the charter members of our advertising clientele-the circle of steady customers that we have gathered around us, who through years of working with our magazine have become market leaders in fine home improvement.
Give us a call - we'll make sure that everyone knows your business.