Distributed in New York and New Jersey
Businesses welcomed:
into Home360 magazine
  • furniture
  • kids furniture
  • furniture manufacturing
  • kitchens & accessories
  • baths, vanities, shower panels & accessories
  • architecture, interior design & decorating
  • lighting
  • construction & remodeling
  • doors & windows
  • floor & wall covering
  • building materials & architectural details
  • finishing materials
  • "smart" home & home theaters
  • security systems
  • home appliances & electronics
  • housewares & tableware
  • awnings, stairs & railing
  • iron works
  • roofing works
  • pools & saunas
  • landscaping
  • heating & cooling
  • fireplaces
  • bedding & mattresses
  • aquariums & water art
  • car dealers
  • real estate brokers and licensed agents
  • banks and mortgage brokers
  • developers offering investment opportunities
  • builders of condominiums
  • real estate inspectors and licensed real estate appraisers
  • insurance agents offering services in real estate
  • attorneys specializing in real estate contracts
  • architects
  • contractors
  • companies specializing in demolition and waste removal
  • companies specializing in landscaping and its maintenance
  • companies that deal with issues like outside renovation, mold or toxic substances, insect infestation, etc
  • moving companies
  • companies offering services in new technologies (electronic home security, smart houses, new heating, air conditioning and ventilation technologies, etc)
  • Mission statement
    Home360 magazine is devoted to the following important goals:
  • Cultivating educated consumers who keep in touch with new developments, the latest technology, and the current trends in housing and home improvement. Consumers who know exactly what they want, as well as what is available in the market and at what cost; people accustomed to making informed choices about what suits their needs.
  • Actively searching for and constantly developing an audience of readers who care deeply about the space in which they live, whether its a house, a condo, or an apartment.
  • Developing the broadest possible proposal package highlighting all goods and services pertaining to the home so that readers (that is, consumers) will be able to find absolutely everything they might need in that area construction and home improvement services; tile, marble and granite; wall coverings; security systems; interior designers; home entertainment centers; housewares; furniture; lighting; appliances; elements of art and decor; doors and windows; rugs and carpeting; air conditioning and heating, air and water purifying, and everything else.
  • Marketing partnership opportunities:
    Home360 magazine provides advertisers with a powerful set of marketing tools to promote their brand, increasing their company's name recognition and ensuring its prominence in the market for products and services.
    Content that supports advertisers
    In formulating the content for our magazine we constantly take into account the interests of advertisers. In each issue we publish basic articles centered on themes that enable us to highlight specific trends in our advertisers' businesses. In addition, we try to place all full- or half-page ads within the articles that relate to them.
    Free distribution of the magazine at expositions and organized events
    The magazine takes part in high-profile expositions on different levels (from international ones like the ICFF to regional ones like Home Expo) and is distributed free to thousands of visitors. In addition, we are always ready to sponsor any event relating to our advertisers' business with print copies of an issue of the magazine.
    Free distribution of the virtual edition of the magazine
    Even before the print edition comes out, readers can familiarize themselves with its virtual version, which appears on the home360magazine.com website. The magazine in its electronic format is also sent free to subscribers and to a proprietary database of thousands of email addresses, including homeowners and professionals-architects, interior and landscape designers, interior decorators, contractors, auto dealers, real estate brokers, etc. The electronic version of the magazine is also displayed on the App Store (Apple), where anyone can download it to their iPad or iPhone.
    Professional help in creating advertising materials
    If you plan to place advertorial materials in our magazine (articles, interviews, live event reporting), our creative team of journalists, photographers, and graphic designers will work on commission with professionalism and high standards. They can also prepare other promotional materials for you: printed brochures, company calendars, product catalogues, posters, decals and product packaging.
    Sponsoring opportunities
    If your business is interested in reaching a specific target audience, our magazine's marketing team will help you to do so, suggesting sponsorship of events organized for the specific market segment that you need. In addition, we are always open to discussing your own ideas and proposals, because our project's basic goal is to focus on the most vital part of advertising your business - making it more widely known.
    Key benefits:
    FREE professional artwork for first-time advertisers if they don't have a camera-ready ad
    FREE update of the ad
    FREE placement of advertiser's new product information in the Novelties Parade section (for charter advertisers only)
    FREE link between an advertiser's page in Home360 and his/her/its website, or facebook page, or video on youtube
    Ad specifications
    Our magazine production department is Macintosh based. We accept files created in QuarkXpress, Photoshop and, preferably, Acrobat. Be sure to include all fonts and graphics used to create your files.
    All images should have no less than 300 dpi, and process CMYK as their color format.
    Proofs should accompany all ads for reference.
    If you are making up a bleed page, keep 1/4 safety margin in from each trim edge.
    All advertising art provided by our design staff is solely for use in Home360 magazine. Publisher retains the copyright on this material. Additional use of this material requires written Publisher's permission and may be subject to additional fees.
    Standard Ad Sizes:
    Full page (non-bleed) 7 7/8" x 10 3/8"
    Full page (bleed) 8 7/8" x 11 3/8"
    1/2 page (vert) 3 7/8" x 10 3/8"
    1/2 page (horiz) 7 7/8" x 5 1/8"
    1/4 page (vert) 3 7/8" x 5 1/8"
    Trim size 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
    Bleed is available only for full-page and vertical half-page ads.